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Have you ever used writers, editors, or proofreaders before? If so, you know what a hassle it can be to find someone you can work with. My business is making sure your content needs are met. Whether you need content for your website, blog posts, email marketing campaigns, guest posts for other sites, or even ghostwriting for specific projects – I can help.

Web Copy

Whether you're building a new website, redesigning an existing site, or need to improve the status of your search engine rankings, I can help. The copy that I craft for your site will tackle such issues as: how your customers will find your site; what you want them to do once they arrive; and how you plan to present yourself to the world.

Blog Posts

The right content for your business can be the difference between success and failure. I will create relevant blog posts that provide value to your audience. My "secret" is to write about topics people are searching for on Google, but they are not finding the answers on your website. These targeted blog posts can drive traffic, convert visitors to customers, increase engagement, and ultimately lead to an increase in revenue.

Sales Copy

I help companies to connect with their customers by creating ads that speak directly to them. Whether it's an e-mail list, a new product launch, or a television spot, my goal is to stimulate an emotional response--a perception that allows you to do more business. I'd be happy to talk with you about how I can write and deliver text and HTML and graphic advertisements for your business


Some clients don't have the time or ability to edit their writing. Others have manuscripts that would benefit from a professional editor with experience in fiction and non-fiction, including academic texts. I offer light copy-editing to more comprehensive editing, from basic development of ideas to complete rewriting, targeted at your needs.

Press releases

Get your business noticed. I write press releases for businesses. Get media attention, build your reputation and enhance your bottom line with an informative press release. I can help you promote special events or grand openings, announce new products or services, respond to competitors' claims, summarize corporate changes, and more.

product descriptions

Committed to your success, I put the right words into the right order to increase your conversion rates. With a passion for work and an eye for detail, I provide you with product descriptions that sell. Put me to work and I'll make sure every dollar you invest in my service gets you back at least two.

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