Editing- Article/ Short E-book


If you are looking for an editor to improve the quality of your article, e-book, or online course, I can help.

At KensanWrites, I provide focused and actionable editing for a wide range of e-books and articles, especially for those with SEO interests. My editors are also skilled at copywriting and content creation, so you can expect professional reviews and assessments along your way.

I will edit your article/ebook/manuscript to meet your publishing standards, or review your written material for possible publication or self–publication. I can provide feedback on the structure and organization of your writing, editorial feedback, and or proofread for grammar and stylistic issues.

I can assist you with content editing, structure analysis, and optimizing your article to increase traffic. Contact me with any questions.

What is included in my copy editing services?

  • Proofread for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, and more.
  • Provide consistency in wording, capitalization, tense, formatting, punctuation, and more.
  • Improved word choice and sentence structure while maintaining your unique voice.


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