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Writing Nano with No Prep

The Short of Nano

If you’re an aspiring writer or author you are familiar with NanoWrimo. If you aren’t November is National Novel Writing Month, and writers and budding authors alike aspire to complete a 50,000 word novel in a month’s time. I have attempted Nano off and on since I have come across it, since 2016. Without any real game plan, novel outline, or idea, a couple of days in to the month I find my novel already at a flop. That’s not going to be the case this year. At least it’s something I will conquer this time around.

writing nano

Writing Nano

For writing nano this year, I will ugly write my way through my novel no matter how I feel. On my previous blog I discussed things I would do to get through Nano and I plan on using them this time around as well.

Here are some things I plan on doing to push through writing nano this year:

  • Write at a Set Time Every Single Day: I am the queen of ignoring my alarm, until the last possible second. It is a major character flaw of mine, one I hope to correct in the coming weeks as I plod through writing nano. It’s my goal to write at 5:45 am for at least 10 minutes, uninterrupted even by simple grammar and spelling errors. Keep reading to see how I plan on making this happen.

  • Pre-Writing Affirmations by Five: Affirmations is a practice that I have found so helpful when creating new habits. In fact, it’s benefits are too many to name at this time, just trust me on this-they are worth doing. Before I fix my fingers to create, I will say my Writers 3 by 5. I made a cute graphic you can pin too, of the three affirmations I’m going to use this time around. You can also write these down, if saying them out loud doesn’t appeal to you.
writing nano
  • Block Time Slots by 10: I have a lot going on during the day. Not only do I manage several different types of businesses, but I am also a mom to a rambunctious lot that demand my time too. It can make creating for me pretty difficult, and writing excuses are things I do not need this month. To combat this natural enemy of mine, I plan to squeeze in three-to- five 10 minute writing blocks of time. Starting with my first writing time first thing in the morning. Ending with a 10 minute block sometime before bed. This tactic is a new one so stay tuned to see how this turns out.
  • Leverage Social Media by engaging with Fellow Writers: I think lack of accountability is the biggest reasons most writers (myself included) fail when it comes to writing nano. Having other writers encourage you throughout the process, offer advice and tips and tricks, and just overall knowing you are not alone in this can be soothing to the writer’s ego. If you haven’t found a nano buddy you can join their Facebook group and search buddies under the group tab. You can also find writers on twitter by searching popular hashtags: #amwriting #writerslife and #writerslift as well as just search #nano or #nanowrimo

In Conclusion…

Overall, there are so many great ways to tackle writing nano this year, that despite lack of actual prep, I’m pretty excited. If nothing else I will have a terrific, yet ugly novel at the end of this, and that’s something worth working for. In fact, I’ll add another affirmation just for this: “I am going to accomplish my goal no matter what”. It’s not fancy, but it’s going on the list to get the job done.

If you’re a writer, what are some of the ways you are preparing for nano this year?

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