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Back Again, New Name, New Blog

For all of my fans, that were wondering what happened to my previous blog KendraSandersTheWriter, I did not renew my name and it ended up being bought by someone else. Now, that blog is in a whole different language. Again, I no longer own my previous blog, thus the creation of my new one!

I am excited about starting over. It hurt to lose all of my old content, but I’m ready to work on creating new things. It would also be great reconnecting with all of you again as well.

In book news, I have decided once again to participate in Nanowrimo this year. I plan on finishing up my novel: Never Been To Venus, and anticipate hopefully being able to release it by Spring of 2020. Fingers crossed and prayers up for me. I am determined and I look forward to receiving your comments and words of encouragement as I embark on this journey.

I definitely will continue to focus my blog on generalized lifestyle topics and positivity as I did on my previous one. If you have any content ideas or suggestions make sure to send me a message on social media! If you’re a writer looking to guest post or for any other business inquiries make sure to send me a message on my contact page.


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